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iceberg lettuce

iceberg lettuce
what is it?

Prized for its a crisp texture, the fact that iceberg lettuce doesn't have a ton of flavor is almost beside the point. Its audible crunch is welcome on sandwiches and shredded to serve with Tex-Mex food. A wedge of icerberg is a great foil for a chunky blue cheese dressing (bacon optional) while torn leaves added to a salad of other greens provide a welcome and refreshing counterpoint. A crisphead lettuce, iceberg leaves grow in a tight ball.

don't have it?

You can substitute Romaine lettuce, especially the hearts, which are nice and crisp.

how to choose:

Look for heads that are heavy for their size with unblemished outer leaves.

how to prep:

Remove any outer leaves that seem witled, usually at least one or two should go. To easily core a head of iceberg, put it on the counter with its root end up. With the palms of your hands press down firmly on the root; the core will then come right out. Because the head is so tight, the leaves should be free of any grit. But give them a wash under cool water if need be and dry them well.

how to store:

Whole heads should last for at least a few days wrapped and refrigerated. Pack washed and dried leaves loosely in a zip-top bag lined with paper towels, gently squeeze out most of the air, and seal.

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