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jarred roasted red peppers

jarred roasted red peppers
what is it?

Jarred roasted red peppers are a pantry staple for many busy cooks. Great as a topping on bruschetta and sandwiches or as a smoky flavor booster for pastas, dips, and salsas, roasted peppers add lots of great flavor with very little effort.

Red bell, pimiento, and cherry peppers are the most common varieties you’ll find in jars. They are typically roasted, peeled, and seeded and then preserved in an acidic brine of water, salt, and citric acid (or less often, in olive oil).

how to choose:

There is a wide range of brands available on supermarket shelves, so you may have to taste a few to find you favorite. Look for peppers with a firm texture, smoky roasted-pepper flavor, and gentle acidity.

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lollipops writes: looking for receipes with jarred red peppers Posted: 12:04 pm on June 16th

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