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lamb loin chops

lamb loin chops
what is it?

Loin chops are cut from the lamb's back, directly behind the ribs, running down the spine towards the animal's hindquarters. Lamb loins tend to be cut into thick chops, and they're meatier than their delicate rib chop counterparts. Like rib chops, though, the meat is tender, making them well-suited to high-heat cooking methods like searing, broiling, or grilling.

kitchen math:

Figure on two chops per serving.

don't have it?

Substitute lamb rib chops; you may need more per serving.

how to choose:

When buying lamb, color can be an indication of age; the lighter the color the younger (and presumably more tender) the lamb will be. American and New Zealand lamb are widely available in the United States. New Zealand lamb tends to be smaller and leaner than American raised lamb, something to keep in mind when buying individual cuts; a leg or rack of lamb may weigh as little as half of the same American cut.

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