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lamb shoulder chops

lamb shoulder chops
lamb shoulder chops

lamb shoulder blade chops, lamb shoulder arm chops

what is it?

Say "lamb chops" and most people think of tiny, popsicle-like lamb rib chops: tender, delicate and expensive, these are special-occasion food. Then there are hearty lamb shoulder chops, which are lamb's best kept secret. 

Your grocer will probably have shoulder blade chops, cut from the rib side of the shoulder, and shoulder arm chops, cut from the shank side of the shoulder. These chops have several bones running through them, and lots of connective tissue,  but their meat is very tasty and an excellent value.

Lamb shoulder chops benefit from long, slow cooking, especially braising, which produces meltingly tender, falling-off-the-bone meat. You can also grill or sauté them, but be sure to give them a nice long marinade first to keep the meat moist.

kitchen math:

one chop = about 8 oz. = 1 serving

don't have it?

Substitute another braising cut, such as lamb shank (though cooking times will vary).

how to choose:

When buying lamb, color can be an indication of age; the lighter the color the younger (and presumably more tender) the lamb will be.

how to prep:

Shoulder chops can be broiled, sautéed, or grilled until medium rare and juicy, or braised until well done and fork-tender.

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