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lamb shoulder

lamb shoulder
what is it?

When it comes to cooking lamb, shoulder probably isn’t the cut you’d think of first. But inexpensive cuts like lamb shoulder are the unsung heroes of the butcher case. They’re cheaper than other cuts and extremely rich in flavor.

how to choose:

The lamb shoulder cuts you’re most likely to find at the supermarket or butcher are shoulder roast and shoulder chops.

  • A boneless lamb shoulder roast weighs about three pounds and easily feeds six to eight. (You may need to call in advance to have the butcher bone the roast.)
  • Lamb shoulder chops are sold as either blade chops or shoulder arm chops. Try to choose chops that aren’t cut too thin—they should be about 3/4 to 1 inch thick.


how to prep:

High-heat cooking won’t give these cuts of meat the time they need to soften, so stay away from grilling, broiling, or roasting at high temperatures. Except for an initial sear in a hot skillet or first blast of high heat during roasting, these cuts benefit from low heat and moist cooking over a long period of time, which allows the meat’s connective tissue to become tender and release its rich flavor.

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