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lasagne noodles

lasagne noodles
what is it?

Long, wide noodles used to make the layered pasta dish lasagne. Sometimes the long edge of the noodle is ruffled. Lasagne noodles be made from scratch, or bought fresh or dried. Thinner "no-boil" noodles have become more widely available at supermarkets in recent years. These noodles, though dried, come a bit closer to homemade lasagne in taste and texture, though in most recipes they do benefit from a soak or at least a dip in hot water before layering.

how to prep:

You can make your own lasagne sheets by cutting large swaths of your favorite homemade pasta. If cooking lasagne noodles, chill them in an ice bath right after boiling so they don't overcook and get mushy. Dry them well before layering. Use kitchen scissors to trim the noodles to fit right in the pan.

how to store:

Keep fresh lasagne noodles refrigerated and use as soon as possible. Dried noodles will keep in the pantry indefinitely.

Comments (2)

Claralouise writes: Try putting the noodles in dry but be sure you have a sauce that is a little more liquid than usual. Good luck. Posted: 3:42 pm on November 11th

merilee writes: In my experience the no cook noodles become mushy when made in the lasagne. What am I doing wrong?? Posted: 9:49 pm on April 3rd

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