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pea shoots

pea shoots

dau miu

what is it?

Pea shoots are the tender, uppermost leaves and tendrils (vines) of pea plants. These shoots have the crisp freshness of watercress with a subtle pea flavor.

how to choose:

Look for pea shoots that include the top pair of small leaves, some delicate tendrils, and a young, tender stem. They should be bright green and look fresh and crisp. You can find pea shoots in Asian markets or at your local farmers’ market in spring, early summer and fall.

how to prep:

Rinse pea shoots in cool water and let dry. Remove any stems that look coarse or fibrous. Pea shoots are delicious raw in salads or lightly cooked.

how to store:

Pea shoots are very fragile and best used within one or two days of buying them. Keep them wrapped in paper towels in an open plastic bag in your refrigerator, and don't wash them until you're ready to use them.

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