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hulled pepitas


unhulled pepitas

what is it?

Pepitas are pumpkin seeds. Fresh from the pumpkin, each green seed is encased in a beige, slightly tough but edible hull. With their hull stripped away, the seeds are dark green, slightly larger than sunflower seeds, and have a deep, nutty flavor.

Recipes calling for pepitas are often referring to the hulled seeds. A popular ingredient in Mexican cuisine, hulled pepitas are lovely, crunchy garnish for soups and salads. Hulled or unhulled, they also make a great snack on their own, roasted and sprinkled with salt, sugar, or spices.

how to choose:

Look for hulled pepitas in well-stocked grocery stores and natural food stores.

how to prep:

You can hull the seeds yourself by cracking and peeling off the hulls, but this is a tedious task; we recommend that if you need hulled seeds, you buy them that way.

how to store:

After opening the package, store the pepitas in the freezer for up to six months.

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