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pork country-style ribs

pork country-style ribs
pork country-style ribs
pork country-style ribs
what is it?

Country-style ribs aren't ribs at all, but blade steaks or chops. Cut from the blade portion of the loin's shoulder end, they often include part of the upper rib bones, though they may be boneless. They have a lot of connective tissue and fat, making them ideal for barbecue, not unlike real ribs. This flavorful cut, which is thicker and meatier than spareribs and baby backs, takes well to moist cooking methods, like braising, which melt its connective tissue into tenderness.

don't have it?

Try baby back ribs or spareribs instead.

how to choose:

Country-style ribs are available either bone-in or boneless and can be found in the meat section of most supermarkets. Look for meaty ribs.

how to prep:

Remove any excess fat or tough connective tissue.

how to store:

Keep refrigerated or, for longer sotrage, frozen.

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