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rose water

rose water
rose water
what is it?

A byproduct of making rose oil for perfumes, rose water has been used for centuries in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, where it flavors drinks like hot milk or tea, desserts like Turkish delight, baklava, and rice pudding, and even adds a subtle complexity to savory foods. It lends its delicate, floral flavor. Because it is very potent, add it judiciously, by the eighth of a teaspoon, so that it doesn’t overpower other flavors.

how to choose:

You can find rose water at Middle Eastern or health-food stores. Since it’s also used for cosmetic purposes, look for a label that says 100% pure rose water, with no other additives to be sure you’re getting a food-grade product.

how to store:

It will keep indefinitely in the pantry.

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