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what is it?

For many people, sage is that dried herb used once a year in the stuffing for the Thanksgiving turkey. But the wonderful flavor and aroma of fresh sage should be enjoyed year-round. Its scent is reminiscent of eucalyptus and its taste of the tannin in a good red wine, with hints of lemon and thyme. A shrubby perennial with delicate bluish-pink flowers, it pairs well with foods that are rich, starchy, and sweet. It's fabulous with pork; it boosts the flavor of potatoes, beans, grains, and breads (think stuffing); and it provides a good counterpoint to the sweet starchiness of winter squash, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin. It's also delicious with apples and pears.

kitchen math:

1 Tbs. fresh sage = 1 teaspoon dried

don't have it?

No other herb replicates sage's flavor, but rosemary often pairs well with the same foods and adds its own distinctive character.

how to choose:

Choose sage that looks fresh and has a good aroma.

how to store:

The best way to store it is in the refrigerator inside a sealed plastic bag lined with a paper towel. It'll keep for two or three days.

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