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Behind the Kitchen Door: Zoë François's Kitchen is One Sweet Spot

Video Length: 4:59
Produced by: Robyn Doyon-Aitken; text, floor plan, and photos by Charles Miller

Famous for her Bread-in-Five-Minutes-a-Day series, Minneapolis pastry chef, blogger, and author Zoë François shares the space where she bakes morning, noon, and night.

Text by Charles Miller

Ask Zoë François about her earliest baking memory and she'll tell you, "I really liked blowing stuff up." Of course, she isn't talking about explosives but rather her lifelong fascination with how baked goods expand as they cook. Eight-year- old Zoë was mesmerized by the magic of, say, a fluffy soufflé rising up from its dish as she watched through the glass door of her mother's oven. She's no less obsessed today. Zoë has made a career out of her love for baked goods, doing everything from making ice cream cakes for Ben & Jerry's to running her own cookie company, becoming a restaurant pastry chef, blogger, baking instructor, and currently, a food writer and cookbook author. In fact, her fifth book on bread-baking, The New Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day (written with Jeff Hertzberg), is hot off the presses.

If you've made a homemade pizza on a weeknight, chances are you used Zoë's and Jeff's simple Make-Ahead Pizza Dough (you can use it to make thin or thick crusts in our Pizza Recipe Maker).

To bake for a living, Zoë needed a spacious kitchen with plenty of storage and counter space. In this audio slideshow, she'll explain how she designed the space, including how a demolition discovery became a serendipitous cake-decorating nook.

Giveaway: Visit the giveaway post to enter to win two of Zoë's favorite cake stands. Giveaway ends Thursday, February 27.


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Comments (16)

PaulaCurry writes: It is all the special touches, big and small, that create an amazing space. Zoe has done it in her kitchen! The same can be said for everything we create in our kitchens. The cake stands simply add that extra be appreciated by those we love and for whom we bake, beautiful cakes!!
Thanks for sharing the kitchen and the opportunity to win these inspiring cake stands. :) Posted: 3:03 pm on February 25th

oakee writes: Thanks for the tour of your beautiful kitchen. Posted: 12:34 pm on February 24th

chefarina writes: Zoe:

What a thoughtful remodel; it's visually stunning with spectacular finishes, and utilizes the space so well. I love that you brought a historical home back to what I imagine is it's former glory. Kudos to you and your architect! Posted: 12:37 pm on February 23rd

isabla writes: A lovely space! Posted: 2:08 am on February 16th

user-3209114 writes: Thank you for the wonderful tour of your kitchen. What a beautiful space and design. Thanks for the chance to win your the cake stands. I am like you and love being in the kitchen. Posted: 7:44 am on February 11th

Escondidocook writes: That kitchen is a bakers dream. And that chalkboard is gorgeous. I think your brother could start a very successful business creating beautiful boards like that. And I would love to know your secret for baking daily and not having the evidence show up on your hips! Posted: 11:39 am on February 6th

gbherons writes: An amazing remodel for the very best kitchen. Oh how I long for hat much space. Cake stands would be greatly appreciated, if I can find the space for them. Posted: 2:23 pm on February 4th

Finnwalker writes: A kitchen to covet! Oh well, I can dream. Would love to win the cake stands and thanks for sharing your space. Posted: 10:35 am on February 4th

burntsugarfairy writes: I would kill for a kitchen like this. I especially love the movable cooling rack with its own garage! Posted: 7:47 am on February 4th

sartorialsal writes: What a fine space for creativity!
Posted: 7:40 pm on February 3rd

WildeGrainz writes: Oh dbl wow! To have a kitchen like Zoe's would be a dream come true for the cook in the house. Thanks for the tour and give-away! Posted: 5:18 pm on February 3rd

TartanCat writes: Wow, oh to have a kitchen like Zoe's. To think I used to cook on a wood-fired stove in a teepee makes me laugh when I see this one. My husband always asks me why I need more than one cake stand. Well if you have to ask…..I tell him a woman can never have too many cake stands!

Posted: 5:03 pm on February 3rd

Sproules writes: Love your kitchen space - a real wow! Have used and loved your cookbooks!! We have a quaint little pastry shop in Canada and I've been really wanting some cake stands for displaying - would really treasure these! Bibi Posted: 4:31 pm on February 3rd

sartorialsal writes: What a fine space for creativity!
Posted: 3:59 pm on February 3rd

user-1123784 writes: Posted: 12:32 am on February 3rd

sweetjudyblue writes: I can certainly understand why you spend so much time in your kitchen. I don't think I would ever leave if it were mine. What an awesome place. Your cakes sy=tands are beautiful and I would really love to have them. Thanks for the tour! Posted: 3:07 pm on February 2nd

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