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semisweet chocolate chips

semisweet chocolate chips
what is it?

Specially formulated morsels that retain their shape and creamy texture without burning, chips are ideal as mix-ins for cookies and quick breads. Though most are semisweet or bittersweet, there are also milk chocolate morsels, as well as miniature and oversize ones and chocolate “chunks.”

kitchen math:

6 oz. = about 1 cup

don't have it?

If a recipe calls for chips, you can usually substitute coarsely chopped semi- or bittersweet chocolate with decent results. However, avoid substituting chocolate chips when the recipe calls for bitter- or semisweet chocolate; since chocolate chips contain significantly less cocoa butter than bar chocolate, they behave differently when melted.

how to store:

Store chocolate chips as you would all chocolate, well sealed in a cool place away form light and heat and strong-flavored foods.

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