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Behind the Kitchen Door: François Payard's Little Gem of a Kitchen

Video Length: 4:36
Produced by: Robyn Doyon-Aitken; text, floor plan, and photos by Charles Miller, except where noted

Text by Charles Miller

François Payard's bakeries, be they in Las Vegas, New York City, Japan, or Korea, are like confectionery jewelry boxes. The pastries, displayed under glass counters, are a parade of glistening gems in every color of the rainbow with edible flourishes that often raise the question, "How does he do that?"

But for François, making exquisite desserts is what he was born to do. A third-generation pastry chef, he grew up on the French Riviera, moving to Paris in his 20s to hone his skills in a number of three-Michelin-starred restaurants. In 1990, he came to America, delighting patrons at Manhattan's Le Bernardin and Restaurant Daniel, and then opening his first shop in 1997. He seemingly hasn't taken a breath since, and now owns 12 bakeries in three countries.

At home, François rarely bakes. He and his wife, a vegetarian, cook simply and well, focusing on fresh produce and whole grains. But when they bought their Manhattan apartment, it needed a rehab if any real cooking was to take place. Luckily, François has an architect's grasp of space, color, and composition, so he designed it all himself. He made no drawings; he just explained what he wanted to his builder. And just like his pastry creations, the resulting kitchen is a little gem.

In this Behind the Kitchen Door slideshow, François explains why he kicked the refrigerator out of the kitchen and shares photos from his childhood, his early days in New York, and his bakeries and patisseries.  

Giveaway: In his slideshow, François calls his SodaStream the best $100 he's ever spent. Visit the giveaway post and leave a comment for your chance to win one. Update: Now closed.

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user-3435156 writes: it a great machine! and the kitchen is awesome, wish I have one like that! Posted: 5:27 pm on May 22nd

wellesleycook writes: great use of space.

where can we find information about the appliances that have been installed? Posted: 4:05 pm on March 25th

user-3284220 writes: Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful kitchen! Posted: 2:48 pm on March 24th

PixiePastry writes: Did I miss this fantastic giveaway? Customizing soda would be a blast! Posted: 2:31 pm on March 11th

shawfell writes: Beautiful kitchen and beautiful results. I will never make pastries to equal his, but I could produce creative results with a SodaStream. Posted: 10:22 pm on March 4th

Annely writes: I'd love to experiment with the Soda Stream, making all new
drinks for the household. Posted: 1:55 pm on March 4th

nellis51 writes: Firstly, that’s a beautiful kitchen and a terrific use of space. I also have a smaller kitchen and have used lighter color wall tiles and the lighting is also very bright and inviting. Well done! Moreover, I have to agree with you about the SodaStream machine; I love the machine’s versatility, having the option to create sparkling drinks or using the carbonated water as part of a recipe. My favorite recipe using carbonated water is Liège waffles – a richer, denser, sweeter, and chewier waffle; a lovely adaptation of brioche bread dough with chunks of pearl sugar which caramelize on the outside of the waffle when baked. Lastly, thanks again for sharing your story and your passion for baking. In addition, I also want to thank you for your wonderful kitchen renovation; thanks for the ideas, I’ll be on the lookout for that flooring. Merci! Posted: 4:56 am on March 3rd

marlros writes: I LOVE SELTZER AND WOULD LOVE TO WIN THIS. Posted: 11:09 pm on March 2nd

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