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what is it?

A delicate herb that packs a surprisingly bold anise-fennel flavor, tarragon is an essential herb in French cuisine, where it's a component of the fresh-herb blend fines herbes (along with parsely, chervil and chives). It also adds a fragrant note to creamy sauces such as hollandaise, and vinaigrettes made with tarragon-infused vinegar.

don't have it?

Chervil is another delicate herb with a slightly anise-y flavor, though it's milder than tarragon's.

how to prep:

Tarragon's leaves bruise easily, so go gently when chopping. Pull the leaves from the stem, then stack them and give them just a few swipes of the knife.

how to store:

To keep tarragon fresh for a day or two, roll it in damp paper towels, put the roll in a plastic bag, and refrigerate.

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