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Behind the Kitchen Door: Gale Gand's Kitchen Has Space for All

Video Length: 4:39
Produced by: Robyn Doyon-Aitken; text, floor plan, and photos by Charles Miller, except where noted

Text by Charles Miller

When Gale Gand bought her Chicago-area home 16 years ago, the kitchen floor was covered with indoor/outdoor carpet (you bet we've got a "before" shot of that!). These days, the carpet is long gone, and Gale, an award-winning pastry chef, partner in the acclaimed Chicago restaurant Tru, and cookbook author (her latest is Gale Gand's Lunch!), has transformed her kitchen into a purposefully kid-friendly workplace with Arts and Crafts details and modern appliances. Gale wanted to include her children in her home cooking, so the space was renovated to give everyone in her family-Gale, husband Jimmy, son Gio, and twin daughters Ruby and Ella-room to cook without getting in each other's way.

In this audio slideshow, Gale describes some of her favorite parts of the kitchen: the butcher block that used to be part of Chicago's iconic Pump Room, the Viking range that can fit full-size restaurant sheet pans, the 33-inch tall peninsula (cooks on the shorter side, take note), her 10-year-old still-shiny pots and pans by All-Clad, and the high selves that hold her collections of vintage tins, juicers, and little toy stoves.

Also in this slideshow: An Easter egg. Can you spot the James Beard award?

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Comments (9)

user-3004670 writes: My favorite memory of Gale Gand was her Brasserie T restaurant/Vanilla Bean Bakery on Happ Rd in Northfield. Still use the Brasserie T cookbook she authored with Rick Tramonto. Posted: 4:32 pm on May 22nd

user-3302510 writes: I love Gale Gand and have her old TV shows on DVR. That kitchen is really tops. I love the cookbooks on the end of the table also. Neat idea there too. I miss her show "SWEET DREAMS" so much. I learned many pastry recipes from her and loved her quips and guests along the way. One of my favorite shows was with Pascal Rigo of "the American Boulangerie" I still make canneles de Bordeaux from that episode! Thanks to Ms Gale for inspiring me to always do what I loved even when it took a long time to get there. Thank you for a great article! Posted: 3:06 am on April 3rd

EARO writes: Wow! Those great All-Clad pots and pans fit in that wonderful kitchen beautifully! Posted: 8:19 am on March 29th

user-3155767 writes: I love cherry wood as well. Coming from the cherry capital of the world, Traverse City, Michigan, I adore it. I also love all clad pans. I just started my collection and have a ways to go but look forward to each new selection I makeM Posted: 9:53 am on March 25th

msd8585 writes: How I love the pull out shelves in the pantry! I would like to do that one day. I have two of your cookbooks: Brunch, and Chocolate and Vanilla. Both are brilliant. I wish you would appear on Food Network again. Big sigh. Posted: 3:25 pm on March 24th

vegasrenie writes: First the Easter Egg. At 1:40, it's on a red ribbon to the right of her pot rack hanging on the side of the cabinet. I recently had to scold a salesperson who tried to sell me "another brand" of cookware. "I'm collecting All Clad," I told him. "Why do I need anything else?" Posted: 2:49 pm on March 24th

rbrock1225 writes: Lovely kitchen. I think the cherry worksurface is lovely. And I can tell you that you'll get many, many more years' enjoyment from your All Clad pans -- I have some that 20+ years old! Posted: 9:48 am on March 24th

mona54 writes: What a beautiful kitchen. I would turn inside out for a kitchen like that! Maybe someday. All Clad is tops and makes cooking fun. Posted: 8:56 am on March 24th

oakee writes: Thanks for the tour of your lovely kitchen. Would love to win an All Clad saucepan. Posted: 7:43 am on March 24th

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