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An Easier Way to Strain Homemade Broth

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Homemade chicken stock is worth its weight in gold. But it can be a real pain, literally, to strain a big, heavy pot of stock. With all the bones and vegetables, you end up splattering a fair amount of that "gold" onto your counters and yourself. Not fun!

This "Better Way" tip is a keeper. If you've got a big pot with a pasta insert, you've got the equipment you need to save your back, prevent burns, and avoid making a mess in the kitchen.

Try out this tip for yourself making Tony Rosenfeld's Homemade Chicken Broth.

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user-3081230 writes: I've used the pasta pot method for years. Works wonderfully! I just set the pasta insert in a bowl until cool enough to work with without any chance of an accident. My kitchen stays much cleaner. I just wish the pot was bigger sometimes. Posted: 6:33 am on March 11th

AuntLundy writes: I think it is much easier to just put the bowl and strainer in the sink. That way you can let the whole thing sit for awhile. Also it is easier to throw the strainer in the dishwasher than wash the pasta insert.

Posted: 2:40 pm on March 10th

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