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Zebra tomatoes

Zebra tomatoes

Green Zerba

what is it?

Zebra tomatoes are an heirloom tomato. Gorgeously striped, they stay green when fully ripe (as opposed to green tomatoes, which are unripened red tomatoes). They are low in acid and quite tangy. Use them with other varieties to create a stunning summer tomato salad.

don't have it?

Other low-acid heirloom tomato.

how to choose:

Look for tomatoes that feel heavy for their size, are smooth, and smell grassy.

how to prep:

Because their peel is what makes them look remarkable, you'll want to leave it on. Use a serrated knife for easier slicing.

how to store:

Leave tomatoes at room temperature until you?re ready to use them. Refrigeration causes loss of flavor and a mealy texture.

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