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How to Grill Fish Without Sticking

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Grilled fish is easy, delicious, healthy and quick...practically perfect, except for one drawback-it has a real tendency to stick to the grill, even when you brush your fish or your grill with oil. If you're not careful, you can lose half of your fillet to the fire.

Unless, that is, you try this tip from reader June Cerrito: brush your fish fillets with a small amount of mayonnaise before grilling them.

Mayonnaise is basically oil droplets suspended in a small amount of liquid, so it does the same job that liquid oil would do, but its consistency helps it cling to the fish better-you can get a nice even layer and it stays in place as you move the fish to the grill.

And mayonnaise has a neutral flavor, so you won't taste it in the finished dish, although if you like you can add chopped herbs or spices to the mayo for extra flavor. The result is intact fish fillets with beautiful grill marks and no sticking.
This tip is also great for grilling veggies that are prone to sticking, like zucchini slices, potatoes, or sweet potatoes.

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