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what is it?

Pork is the name that refers to the meat from pigs. And what a lot of meat that is: just about every part of the animal is savored by cooks from the jowls, though the loin, to the feet. Pork products may be sold fresh (pork loin, pork ribs, pork chops) or cured (bacon, ham, and some sausages). With such a wide variety of cuts, a juicy, tender nature, and a relatively mild flavor, pork lends itself well to all manner of cooking styles and flavorings. For specific cooking and prepping methods, see pork ribs, bacon, ground pork, ham, pancetta, pork belly, pork butt, pork chops, pork country-style ribs, pork loin, pork rack, pork rind, pork sausage, pork shoulder, pork shoulder roast, pork tenderloin, rib crown roast of pork, salt pork, pork spareribs.

how to choose:

When buying fresh pork, look for meat that's as fresh as possible, trimmed and packed well. Look for pork that is a light reddish pink; if there is fat, it should be white and smooth (though cuts like tenderloin, loin, and pork chops should have little fat). The meat should feel firm, and there should not be any excessive liquid in the package.

Comments (2)

alaskamark writes: Yes well, as there are differing beef varieties, there also are differing pork varieties. However as 1river9 states one brand is most typically found in our local grocer/markets. I too would like to know more about thees other breeds and the difference in taste that qualifies them. Posted: 10:17 pm on August 9th

1RIVER9 writes: There really should be a discussion of artisanal producers and heirloom breeds vs the mass produced 'white' pork typically available at our local grocery stores. Posted: 11:48 am on February 28th

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