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Changing Your Eating Habits After Having Cosmetic Surgery

So many people talk about cosmetic surgery as though it is a death sentence: she'll never look the same again, he'll always think about what he's done, there's no way back now. What people do not understand is that is exactly why they have made that choice! Chances are, she does not want to look the same again, and he will always be glad when he thinks about what he has done, and they do not want a way back! This complete lack of understanding about why people decide to have cosmetic surgery is driving some people to feel different from everyone else around them, and this can be especially difficult in social situations that involve food.

After cosmetic surgery, no matter what it is that you have had done, you will need to start thinking about changing your eating habits. Exactly how you will need to do this will vary greatly, depending on what it was that you had done, and what your eating habits were like before the surgery. Here we have chosen three of the most common choices when it comes to cosmetic surgery, and detailed what sort of healthy changes you may need to be making:


After the initial Botox treatment, many patients will discover that they experience a drop in their appetite. This is completely normal, and is because the treatment will have slightly disrupted your body's natural communication channels. What is very important is that you continue to drink water in particular, and even perhaps even a little more than you used to. You will also need to keep a close eye on the amount of food you are eating as some Botox patients actually forget to eat! If your Botox administrator has received proper Botox training and certification from someone like Dr Howard Katz then this will be explained to you.

Gastric bypass

Any patient who has had a gastric bypass will have had problems with food before, and chances are you would have been given a very strict and stringent diet plan by your medical team. It is absolutely vital that you follow this plan to the letter. The only exception is, of course, that you can drink a little more water than recommended – but not a huge amount more! Your stomach size has been greatly reduced and the last thing that you should do is put too much pressure on it.


Initially after your face lift you will find that there is a lot of tenderness and soreness around your entire face. Do not worry, because this is completely normal, and you will have to adapt your diet for at least the first week in order to accommodate this. Soft foods, soups and yoghurts, are going to be the best choice for you, and you will soon be able to tell what your body is next ready for. Just make sure that you do not push yourself before you are ready.

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By leo04, member

Posted: September 1st, 2016

This is completely normal, and is because the treatment will have slightly disrupted your body's natural communication channels.

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