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pork shoulder

pork shoulder

pork butt, pork shoulder blade Boston roast, Boston butt, Boston shoulder

what is it?

The top portion of the front leg of the hog, pork shoulder is commonly used for braising, roasting, or barbecue. It's often sold as two separate cuts: pork shoulder butt (the upper half), or picnic shoulder (the lower half). The butt is especially favored by sausage makers and  barbecuers (it makes great pulled pork sandiwches) because its relatively high fat content—25% to 30%—bastes the meat during cooking, keeping it moist and juicy.

don't have it?

Country-style style pork ribs can substitute in most braising or barbecue recipes.

how to choose:

A bone-in roast will generally offer more flavor.

how to prep:

If it still has its thick skin attached, removed it with a sharp knife, but leave a thin layer of fat on to keep the meat moist.

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