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Classic Croissants

By MarvelousKT, member

February 1st, 2009

Now, I can say I've made croissants.  They're not as good as the folks who own the specialty bakery a couple of miles away...  But, I made them!  And, Margi the massage therapist is going to have fun getting the kinks out of my shoulders when I see her on Friday.  I actually tried a couple of variations in addition to those in the magazine.  I squashed some blueberries and sprinkled them with brown sugar for one and the used plain squashed raspberries for another.  This isn't a recipe I'd recommend making unless you really love baking and have the strength to do all the rolling.

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MarvelousKT writes: It was too funny that we both diverged from the "list" this weekend! The blueberrys were the star of the show. I took a handful of blueberries and squashed them in my hand then tossed them on the croissant. Then, I sprinkled about 1 tsp of brown sugar over them and rolled it up. The flavor was amazing! I'd say a celebration at Gioco's (S. Wabash) is in order for cooking the whole issue! We've got to get up there from Indy sometime soon or our gift certificate will expire. I do want to visit that bakery in the Hyde Park neighborhood. Can you give me the name? Posted: 9:52 pm on February 4th

Pielove writes: It looks like we had a croissant-filled weekend! Yours look great too-- how did the blueberry ones come out? Do you recommend uncooked fruit, or do you think preserves would work better? Posted: 8:23 pm on February 1st

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