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beef picadillo

By beccaporter, member

February 5th, 2009

This was in my top 3 recipes of the issue. I have a serious weakness for green olives, and I love lettuce wraps. It was perfectly seasoned and very flavorful. It also allowed me to do my super easy egg dicing trick. I take my fine mesh metal cooling rack and press and egg through it. Somehow it creates a perfect small dice. (I might have read this in an older FC, I can't remember the source now.) These are a keeper!

Recipe Used: beef picadillo

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Pielove writes: JuliRoberts, thank you for the suggestion about serving it over rice-- it was a big hit with my rice-loving family!
pie Posted: 8:23 pm on February 10th

JuliRoberts writes: I'm glad you guys like this recipe. It is very close to the recipe we have used in my family. Picadillo is also great mixed with rice (it's how we Cubans eat it) and you can also make empanadas with it.

It was that one dish my mom would make and keep in the fridge to help in a pinch. We would also add it to tomato sauce for what my mom would call Spaghetti Criollo (cRee-oyo)

It holds really well and the flavors intensify after a few days as well. Posted: 11:39 am on February 6th

KaityCron writes: I loved this one too! It was so good inside the cold and crunchy lettuce cups! Posted: 11:59 pm on February 5th

jaclyne writes: glad to see that everyone brave enough to try this curious combo is really liking it! I'm getting more and more excited to make this one. Posted: 10:47 pm on February 5th

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