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Abby Dodges Classic Carrot Cake

Abby Dodge's Classic Carrot Cake

  • Abby Dodges Classic Carrot Cake
  • Jehangir Mehtas Spiced Carrot Cakes with Candied Carrots & Pistachios

By Sarah Breckenridge, producer

February 17th, 2009

This Saturday, February 21, FC's contributing editor Abigail Johnson Dodge will be appearing on Evan Kleiman's radio show Good Food to talk about the carrot cake smackdown in the latest issue. The article pits Abby's classic carrot cake, layered with rich vanilla cream-cheese frosting, against a modern update from NYC pastry chef Jehangir Mehta, who dunks his spiced mini-cakes in a carrot syrup, then tops them with a tangle of candied carrot ribbons.

Classic or Update: which do you prefer? Vote here and post your photos of either cake in the Cook the Issue gallery. And don't miss Abby's interview this weekend!


Which is your favorite carrot cake in the February/March '09 Issue?
  Abby Dodge's classic carrot cake
  Jehangir Mehta's modern update

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Comments (9)

bohnappetitFC writes: I have prepared both recipes. When I asked the recipients of the mini-cakes which they would prefer (they have all tasted a classic version) they said who could give up either; it is like comparing apples and oranges one said. I agree that it is difficult to compare.

I will vote for the mini-cakes. The texture and the spice reminds me of gingerbread which I love and to have a dessert that is not too rich is always a plus to me. If however I made the classic version, the FC recipe would be the one! Posted: 7:29 pm on February 25th

grneyedldy writes: Made both cakes because we love carrot cake. The traditional was the hands down winner with the grandkids. They really love the frosting and its so incredibly delicious. The healthier version was good but the kids left it after a single taste and went for the other. Posted: 5:51 pm on February 25th

RedRockBaker writes: You can't beat the ease of baking the traditional cake...or the taste. I did "glam" it up a bit by making the candied carrots from the other receipe. I garnished the top of the cake with some of the candied carrots for a "wow" presentation. Everyone could tell it was a carrot cake before I cut into it. Posted: 12:43 pm on February 22nd

CuteName writes: I didn't make a choice.

I can only eat whole grain fours and fats/oils that are not refined. I'd like to see Fine Cooking provide substitute information for all their recipes.

Thanks Posted: 3:45 pm on February 20th

mabailey writes: I am sure I would enjoy the traditional recipe but was glad to see the new one since I cannot have dairy products. Posted: 9:29 am on February 19th

Pielove writes: The traditional cake is really really good, but I want to give a little love to the updated version. It is delicious, with complex spices, and not smothered in an avalanche of over-rich frosting. It would be perfect for a sophisticated dinner party, where the main course is very rich. It would also be great with Vietnamese food.

That said, I did vote for the traditional-- my four-year-old daughter made me, as she thinks a cake without frosting is just plain wrong. I think both cakes have their place!

pie Posted: 8:07 pm on February 18th

Cocinera1 writes: The recipe for the Classic Carrot Cake yields a far superior cake in taste, texture and appearance. Just scrumptious!
Torres,Tampa, FL Posted: 6:56 pm on February 18th

CapeCodBeachGirl writes: This carrot cake has become our all time favorite sinful treat and we could eat it for breakfast as well as for dessert. My boyfriend brought in the leftovers and everyone asked for this recipe. People are still asking when I will make the cake again and send in some leftovers.

No contest between the pastry chef's version and the traditional - I agree with one poster who said that you simply should not mess with tradition.

The traditional version is a keeper! Thanks for sharing it in the Magazine. Posted: 6:07 pm on February 18th

CMShearer writes: I have prepared both of the carrot cakes. As far as I am concerned, the classic carrot cakes if by far a superior recipe. I prepared the spiced carrot cake twice and served it to guest. My guest and I enjoy the presentation of the spiced carrot cake. But, if you're looking for taste, the traditional cake is hard to beat. C. M. Shearer, Silver Lake, Ohio Posted: 2:57 pm on February 18th

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