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Spiced Carrot Cakes with Candied Carrots and Pistachios

By Pielove, member

February 18th, 2009

My four-year-old was deeply upset that I was actually making a cake without frosting-- that is just plain wrong in the kiddie universe.  I was quite prepared to dislike this recipe with its fussy preparation (reducing carrot juice, give me a break!) and I certainly wasn't going to buy any special equipment.  Kudos to Legalcat for suggesting mini muffin tins-- it gave a very cute result.  So after all my grumping, I found that this was really delicious-- the star-anise infused syrup combines with the little spicy cakes to make a complex, not-too-sweet, very adult dessert.  It would be perfect after a heavy, or asian-inspired (Vietnamese, to resonate with the star anise) meal.   I would happlly make it again, and I may have to since I got the carrot juice at Costco, so I have TONS left over.  Any suggestions for using up extra carrot juice?  Maybe a cocktail?

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jaclyne writes: Hi Pielove, I still have about 8 dishes and a few more soups left...I'm getting a little "souped-out" though...keep on truckin'! I keep wondering what I'll do when this all's been too much fun!
Posted: 6:54 pm on February 21st

MarvelousKT writes: We loved these as breakfast muffins too! Pie, your 4 yr old is a lucky kid that he/she is getting to try all these wonderful foods and develop an appreciation for cuisine at a young age!!! I've finished cooking the issue but still have to post a few before I take off for a 10 day business trip tomorrow at o'dark thirty. Thanks, Pie, for your wonderful posts!!! I've enjoyed them immensely. If you get a chance can you tell me the name of the bakery so we can go there when we come up to Gioco to celebrate. Thanks!! Kate Posted: 1:44 pm on February 21st

Pielove writes: Hey jaclyne! I have one chicken saute and maybe a couple of vegetable soups to go. How about you? I have slowed down the pace quite a bit-- I'm not ready to let go yet!

pie Posted: 10:49 pm on February 20th

jaclyne writes: Hey pielove, I've loved reading your posts and comments. Just wondering where you are in the cooking and how long I'll still have you around for! Posted: 10:27 pm on February 19th

legalcat writes: Pie,
You most definitely deserve a cocktail - those are gorgeous! Try a little Carrot-Ginger-Vodka Martini, shaken!
Legalcat Posted: 9:36 pm on February 18th

jaclyne writes: oh, yours look adorable!! I just want to give them a little pinch or something:) The scattered pistachios look lovely too. Posted: 8:16 pm on February 18th

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