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Creamy Vegetable Soups: Beet with dill

By Pielove, member

February 23rd, 2009

This is a superb and classic combination that fits in very well with the creamy vegetable soups theme.  Indeed, my husband fondly reminisces about his grandmother making a similar soup during his summers "on the farm" in Wisconsin.  With beets at 19 cents per pound in my local Polish supermarket, it was also a very frugal choice and extremely simple to make.  I have cooked the heck out of the Creamy Vegetable Soups feature, because it's cold here, we love soups, and pureed soups are (sometimes) more acceptable to the kiddie palate than plain veggies.  I very much enjoy the Cooking without Recipes feature and I am very happy to have expanded my repertoire of pureed soups.  This beet version is my second favorite, after the roasted mushroom, and will gain a place in my permanent rotation.  I saved a bit for my husband-- thanks to FC, it might even be (almost) as good as Grandma's.

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Comments (2)

Pielove writes: Thanks Lisa, it's a beautiful magenta, just like my hands, my cutting board, and the splatters next to my stove from using the immersion blender! It's so delicious though-- I will be making this one again, with no thoughts of the mess.
pie Posted: 9:52 pm on February 23rd

LisaWaddle writes: Wow, the color of this soup is brilliant! Posted: 4:16 pm on February 23rd

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