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Broccoli soup and Scottish oat bread

By peskyone, member

March 3rd, 2009

Since I completed the cooking challenge, have had a hard time not taking pictures of everything I make :). So, with a cold snowy Sunday and the forecast of a Nor'easter for Sunday night, decided to make another soup from the cooking without recipe section. It was the perfect day to bake a nice hearty loaf of bread and big steaming pot of soup. I chose the broccoli recipe, used leaks, carrots and celery, some nice mellow curry, olive oil and my favorite Penzys chicken stock paste. Decided to skip the bacon and go with the healthier carrots for the garnish.

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peskyone writes: Hi Pie, I have to tell you how much I love your picture, you look so happy and energetic. How much bike riding do you do? Some of my friends and I are going to participate in a fund raiser May 9, either 10 25 or 50 miles, will probably opt for 25 depending on the weather and the amount of hills, it is in New Hampshire, so we'll see. Posted: 9:58 pm on March 4th

bohnappetitFC writes: For several years we have taken photos of many of our meals and forward them on to family members. Our daughter and husband now share some of their special accomplishments in the kitchen too. Thanks to digital cameras! Posted: 6:31 pm on March 4th

Pielove writes: Hi peskyone-- good to see you back! It is hard not taking pictures, but why stop? I like that Penzey's chicken soup base too.
pie Posted: 8:24 pm on March 3rd

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