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the martinez, stirred

By jaclyne, member

March 5th, 2009

So this one had a bit of planning in order to get finished and tasted.  I don't drink a lot of hard alcohol and we considered buying all the ingredients to make it but thought of the cost of all those bottles (which we probably wouldn't drink again) and decided to be a little creative. I called a great local restaurant (chow in vancouver) who are amazing at tailoring an experience for the diner and asked their bar manager if we could come in and get them to make us a custom drink.  My husband and I went in and they were amazing, giving us some background on classic drinks.  The manager tried some and said it was really very good.  Very smooth. Then she made us an earl grey ginger martini with egg white....THAT was delish!  We actually preferred that one to the martinez but just because we aren't used to hard alcohol. We ordered some pulled pork croquettes with relish and pomme frites with harissa, that was a nice little after work outing that I don't do very often.  My husband and I work from home and so it's nice to get out once in a while and see daylight!

So this is my last post!  Thought I'd save the best for last. I've had so much fun doing this.  It has really taken my husband and I out of our usual routine and pushed us to try new recipes we wouldn't normally try.  I've had a blast posting and chatting with other reviewers...that really is the part I'll miss...connecting with other foodies. I decided to start a blog which will hopefully be up in the next month featuring a monthly cooking club. I just wanted some way to continue cooking with people the way I've done here! Hopefully I'll see some familiar faces:)

YAY!!!! I'm done!!!

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MarvelousKT writes: Congratulations Jaclyne! I'm going to be looking forward to your blog :-) I've enjoyed your posts so much. Take Care, Kate Posted: 9:19 am on March 7th

jaclyne writes: Thanks bohnappetitFC! I'll totally keep you posted Jen. My blog name will be my husband is in the middle of programming it but I'm aiming to have it up by the end of the month....fingers crossed. Come and cook with me! I'd love to do this again with you Jen! Posted: 12:05 pm on March 6th

Pielove writes: Congratulations jaclyne! Your martinez looks great and an excellent idea to have it at a bar. Keep us posted on the cooking club-- we will also meet again here at FC, no doubt. It was great "cooking" with you!

pie (Jen) Posted: 11:50 am on March 6th

bohnappetitFC writes: Congratulations on finishing! Great idea trying the drink at a local bar. Posted: 9:30 am on March 6th

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