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Meat Madness

By SharonAnderson, assistant producer

March 18th, 2009

I hate watching sports on TV—especially basketball. It might have started back when I was a kid and my dad taped over all my favorite movies with Chicago Bulls games. (Imagine my diasppointment when I'd pop Aladdin, Mary Poppins, or The Sound of Music into the VCR only to catch Michael Jordan and Scotty Pippin dunking and high-fiving.)

So you'll understand that March Madness is so not my favorite time of year. People running around filling out brackets, betting hard-earned money, and trying to predict which set of rowdy college boys is going to beat which other set of rowdy college boys. But, to each their own.

This year, I've found a bracket I can get behind. The So Good Blog is hosting Meat Madness, a "tournament style 32 meat face-off." For the next 25 days their community is going to be voting to select the supreme meat from 32 potential proteins hailing from both land and sea. Will Bacon beat Pork Chops? I'd bet my money on that. Chicken will mostly like sweep Pheasant. But, what about Sausage vs. Ribs? That's a tough one. And can you really decide between Lobster and Clams?! My blood pressure is rising just thinking about it.

Who will be the named the champion? I don't know, but I'm in.


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Comments (9)

LisaWaddle writes: I'm happy to see in first round action, buffalo beat out veal. Posted: 11:26 am on March 20th

Erikalyf writes: Darn that didn't work Posted: 9:57 am on March 20th

Erikalyf writes: Here are my picks Posted: 9:57 am on March 20th

SharonAnderson writes: haha. my mom is rooting for pig, too, dabs. she was like...where is the pork shoulder?! maybe we should make our own massive meat bracket! got some spare time on your hands? Posted: 3:47 pm on March 18th

ChrisCasey writes: You can see the headlines now... "Scallops are out-muscled by mussels! Lamb lies down to corned beef! Buffalo stampedes veal even before it's out of the gate!" Okay, that last one was bad. Posted: 3:45 pm on March 18th

dabneyg writes: I love this - it's the only playoff I can imagine becoming personally invested in! My only quibble is that it's not detailed enough. Where's the pork belly (not just in its smoked form as bacon)? Or head cheese? Pate? Trotters? It could take weeks to get through pig alone... Posted: 2:20 pm on March 18th

JuliRoberts writes: Bacon vs. Ribs?!?!! I've never felt so torn before! Posted: 11:12 am on March 18th

LisaWaddle writes: I love the seedings - Lobster No. 1 in Seafood, Bacon No. 1 in Pork. I'd like to see an upset - am rooting for Ribs in the Pork bracket! Posted: 10:28 am on March 18th

sbreckenridge writes: My money's on bacon. Posted: 10:25 am on March 18th

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