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Mini Curry Chocolate Cupcakes with Lemongrass-Infused Frosting



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By Denise Jones, member

March 22nd, 2009

John and I made these Mini Curry Chocolate Cupcakes with Lemongrass-Infused Frosting for one of last summer's Coronado Concert in the Park/Iron Chef Battles. The recent post by AmazinC, Little People Like Little Desserts, reminded me of these and the cute photo of our friends' daughter, Olivia.  The flavor combinations were incredible.

The following is a little excerpt from my Battle Curry Recap of that summer evening:  "We all came to the park and got curried away...We certainly indulged all of our senses with the Secret Ingredient of the night...Curry. A feast for the eyes; beautiful platters and bowls overflowing with delicious food - even the woman in the group next to us commented we should be on the cover of Gourmet magazine [Fine Cooking?]; the sound of great music and engaging conversation between good friends and family; the taste of curry in all the dishes, subtle in some, spicy in others, tempting our tastebuds and inspiring our palates; the aroma of curry drifting ever so teasingly throughout the park;  and the smiles generated by watching Olivia eating a Mini Curry Chocolate Cupcake and smearing Lemongrass-Infused frosting on her face..."

Yes, Little People Love Little Desserts!

Recipe Used: My Own Design - Mini Curry Chocolate Cupcakes with Lemongrass Infused Frosting

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Comments (6)

VickieVutam writes: This sounds amazing!!! Is the recipe posted anywhere? Posted: 6:58 pm on December 16th

legalcat writes: Thank you. The inspiration came from a similar recipe at food blog We used the chocolate curry cupcake batter from that recipe, but we also added a little curry to the frosting and left out the coconut. We're currently growing our own lemongrass in the back yard! Posted: 11:16 am on March 23rd

Pielove writes: Mmmm-- lemongrass-infused frosting on coconut cupcakes too! I loved the lemongrass article in the latest issue.

pie Posted: 11:10 am on March 23rd

LisaWaddle writes: I want the recipe too! I've been cooking with lemongrass alot lately, and this sounds delectable. Posted: 10:24 am on March 23rd

SharonAnderson writes: that picture is downright adorable :) and that flavor combination sounds incredible. got the recipe?? i want to try these! Posted: 8:56 am on March 23rd

Pielove writes: Hey legalcat! This looks great-- I love the photo. Isn't it amazing how open children can be to flavors adults would be put off by? Of course, children also will be the first to say "ick" if (to take my daughter as an example) there is a little green fleck of parsley in the food! Great to 'see' you posting!

pie Posted: 9:44 pm on March 22nd

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