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The fast slow cooker

By Denise Mickelsen, senior editor

March 26th, 2009

I just spent two days at the Chicago International Home and Housewares Show, and it was an incredible experience. There are so many cool new kitchen gadgets, and gourmet products, and small appliances, and tabletop items... well, just about everything you could ever want for your home.  I don't want to spoil the surprises I have planned for our upcoming Great Finds columns and Test Drive equipment reviews, but there was one machine at the Show that I can't help but spill the beans about - T-Fal's ActiFry.  This countertop appliance took 10 years to develop, and its claim to fame is that you can make a 2-pound batch of French fries using only 1 Tbs. of oil! I was skeptical, but after trying the fries I have to admit that they were very crisp and nicely browned.

The machine uses circulating hot air and a paddle that constantly stirs the food, allowing it to cook evenly with less fat. Of course, the ActiFry can make other things as well, like risotto, chili, tomato sauce, granola (in 9 minutes!)... Our contributing editor, Ellie Krieger, will be creating recipes for the ActiFry, too.  It's coming to stores this summer, and will retail for $299.  We are looking forward to trying it out in our test kitchen to see what else it can do.  I mean, doesn't it sound almost too good to be true?! 

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Comments (3)

Pielove writes: I try not to be too negative, but I cannot muster much enthusiasm for a $300 gadget that makes French fries, plus a bunch of other things that could easily be made in a saucepan. In this economy, I suspect most people will also be passing on expensive gadgets-- this thing is about 2 years too late. Less shopping and more cooking please, Fine Cooking.

pie Posted: 9:05 pm on March 29th

Jolka writes: I totally disagree The American waistline is not out of control because of home cooking and kitchen gadgets. Your comment sounds like you just wanted to be negative. It's not so much what you eat but rather how much. Over packaging and serving foods in disposables that is our carbon footprint. One day our whole planet will be covered with plastic and styrofoam not kitchen gadgets.
This gadget sounds good but has anyone heard of Thermomix. I've seen this gadget in Europe but no one has heard about here. Posted: 5:09 pm on March 26th

jzr writes: Jouyous news! One more way to add inches to the American waistline and increase our carbon footprints! Let's get real. This gadget is just another way to make money and continue our greedy consumerism that is encouraging our planets fall!! Wake up!! Posted: 2:56 pm on March 26th

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