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Re: Video: How to Grill Corn on the Cob

I can't view the video but I agree with wlundycan that the silks do not have to be removed before grilling. They slip off easily afterwards.

Re: Win Steven Raichlen's Favorite Grill Tools

Grilling is the playtime for those who love to cook. The clever utensils are some well designed toys to tickle us "kids" as well as keep us safe.

Re: Win Bruce Aidells's Must-Have Grill Tools

A top quality collection of grilling joy-toys!!

Re: Got Rabbit?

Yes, of course you should print rabbit recipes. It says volumes that you haven't so far. I like the magazine but feel it should stretch way further than it has. Why do you feel you have to put it to a vote?

Re: Two Tools for Shaving Fennel

I am so addicted to the use of the Kyocera tool you show for slicing fennel. It is fast and efficient and I love the paper thin slices for salads. I just toss them into the vinegar or lemon juice, that has been salted, in the salad bowl and they sit taking in the acid until I add the greens. It works well for radishes too, as it would for many crisp additions to a salad.

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