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Re: Remove Portabello Gills Before Cooking

A grapefruit spoon is my favorite tool to de-gill portabellos.

Re: Win Grace Young's Must-Have Cooking Tools

Ms. Young's Breath of a Wok inspired me to find the Wok Shop in San Francisco China Town. It also was so full of beautiful tales of China, a treasure. I will also think of my mom who recently passed--she spent a few years in China and always loved a good stir fry. The video gave me some good ideas, I will try a cork cutting board and get a bamboo steamer to try out some of her recipes. Yum!

Re: Win Grace Young's Must-Have Cooking Tools

A great way to turn the pyramid around and use meat protein as an accent and veggies as the stars. You go girl!

Re: Play It Again Pancakes: What Do You Do with Leftovers?

Not inspirational, but I put leftover pancakes or waffles on a sheet pan and freeze for 30 minutes or so and store flat in my freezer for quick breakfasts. When my kiddo was young it broke up the motonony of cereal on school days.

Re: A Chip Trend, Updated

Not exactly practical, with no retail distributors and large minimum orders. Did I miss something??

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