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I always believed that I was a healthy eater. A
year and a half ago I started to become ill. Along with a serious chronic illness, I was also told that I was insulting deficient and it could develops into diabetes. Also for the last 10 or so years I began to gain weight aprox 10 lbs a year and for the first time in my life I could not lose weight no matter what I did. Soon I became reticent in several vitamins. Because this was due to the insulting resistance. I got to work, began to study nutrition and alternative and natural medicine. Then I totally transformed my diet. Food is my medicine. I look forward to learning from you all sand sharing what. I can. Happy cooking andand a healthy future to y

I found it
impossible to lose weight regardless what I did. Soon I was starving myself an

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Re: Win Abby Dodge's Must-Have Baking Tools

Most of my life I have dreamed of cooking/ baking with state of the art cooking tools. Although I have done pretty welll with thrift store or hand me down items, what fun it would be to use the real McCoy! Thanktou so much for this opportunity to win such wonderful kitchen items Even if some other worthy chef wins the prize the exicitement and anticipation will bring many much joy and fun. Again I thank you.

Ari Mari Hedlund

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