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Re: Win Abby Dodge's Must-Have Baking Tools

Wow! What an amazingly fulfilling and wonderful life miss Abby has! I do aspire to be like her one day. It's great to connect and learn about new Chefs/Pastry Chefs in the world. Everyone has a little something special to offer and it's great when someone can flourish and grow and make a life doing what they love. Awesome kitchen! Awesome cookbooks! I would love to begin my journey as Abby has hers, though finances are just tight and after going to Culinary school for Baking and Pastry, I am now in debt! But I won't ever lose sight of my dreams and goals, like Abby! I want to write endless amounts of cookbooks as she is doing ever so wonderfully! Thank you for the opportunity to win such grandeur and high quality baking equipment to get any Chef started! I hope I win, I'm keepin' my spatulas crossed!

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