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Re: Fine Cooking's Slow Cooker Week

I was sold on slow cooking over 35 years ago as a college student. It was a safe way to cook while I was away from the stove and the results of even the simplest recipes we so much more delicious and so less expensive than anything the campus or surrounding community restaurants could offer. Today I value slow cooking not only for convenience and savings but for versatility - there are so many excellent recipes and cookbooks available, and I'm now teaching my granddaughter how to use a slow cooker when she's away at college!

Re: Behind the Kitchen Door: Melissa Clark's Family Kitchen

My goodness, the ceiling level cabinets look sound great but I can't imagine hauling out a ladder every time I need to reach an item - this is no step-stool height. I have a few step-stool height cabinets and even they are a pain. I do agree with installing the best range hood you can afford, one that vents to the outside. It's the best investment I made to my own kitchen renovation a few years ago. Lovely kitchen.

Re: Behind the Kitchen Door: Grace Young's East-Meets-West Kitchen

I enjoyed Ms. Young's excellent video and her tips on cooking with a wok. I use a wok to stir-fry meals on our small trawler; thanks to Ms. Young's tips I will also try steaming and smoking with my wok.

Re: Win Abby Dodge's Must-Have Baking Tools

Deliciously prepared food is even better when attractively presented. I love the simplicity and elegance of the Charlotte Pedestal and would like very much to have one!

Re: Win Tom Douglas's Must-Have Entertaining Tools

We have a small house so entertaining large groups means dining outdoors. I've found light-weight trays a must for shuttling dishware, food, and beverages. They also make cleanup chores so much quicker as you can make fewer trips back and forth from the patio to the kitchen. I have some beautiful trays to showcase drinks and desserts, and some simple, old and chipped/scratched trays that I cover with foil to serve the potentially sloppy foods or condiments and sauces. Look for vintage trays at flea markets and yard sales.

Re: Win Maria Helm Sinskey's Must-Have Wine Tools

We live in a log cabin with uneven floors and equally uneven tables so our favorite wine glasses are Riedels stemless. They are less likely to tip and have a wonderful natural feel in the hand. I'd recommend everyone to get a few to try!

Re: Win Bruce Aidells's Must-Have Grill Tools

I am new to grilling and would like to be able to grill vegetables. The flex grill basket looks like the perfect tool for me.

Re: Homegrown/Homemade: How to Plant Squash

Where can I find a FIne Cooking apron like Sarah Breckenridge is wearing?

Re: Mother's Day Cookbook Giveaway

My "mother's best" would be a long list. She was not only a talented cook and baker, but she always had a fun way of including us kids in most of the meal preparations. For instance, whenever she made a pie, we got generous scraps of pie crust that we spread with butter, sugar and cinnamon, and then rolled up and baked for our own special treat. These are cherished memories.

Re: Fine Cooking Live at the Chocolate Show

Thank you very much for hosting the Live at the Chocolate Show demonstrations! I watched Abigal Dodge's presentation on preparing the chocolate truffle tart and found her session easy to follow and encouraging. I particularly benefited from her suggestions to "engage my senses" while baking and to experiment with alternate or substitute flavors, such a coffee, lime, almond, cinnamon, etc. Thanks again!

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