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Re: Behind the Kitchen Door: Anna Thomas's Kitchen Built for Friends

The whole reason I am a great cook and a veggie foodie today is because of Anna Thomas. Her books, The Vegetarian Epicure 1 and 2, changed my life (and my way of eating and cooking). I am on my second copy of Book 1, because the original had fallen to pieces; Book 2 still features my baby sons' crayon scribblings on some pages... They are now adults. I've bought her later books, but I don't have the same relationship with them as with the first two, though I do love the walnut whole wheat bread recipe in Love Soup. Green soup, herb and onion bread, walnut cheddar balls bechamel, pumpkin corn bread, German apple pancake, summer fruit tart, so many others... that I now consider MINE. Thank you, Anna. (I still like to think of Anna as the young hippie girl in Julie Maas's illustrations. Whatever became of her? the illustrator, I mean.)

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