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Re: The Sweet Side of Smoking

I was at a friend's who smoked a small wheel of cheese last weekend. It got too smoky, but was still delicious.

Re: 10 Ways to Eat Less Meat

Thank you, this article is just what I need right now. I see all the magazines writing about eating less meat, eating less fish, but then they just give a recipe or two. But this article gives actual strategies (along with some recipes). This is just how I, as a cook, think. Great job.

Re: Pretzels and Beer Sound Great, But Caramel, Too?

These look so cool. Very professionally done. Would make a great gift.

Re: The Desert Island Food Game

Peanut butter. I never get tired of it. As an added bonus, it's actually pretty nutritionally sound.

Re: Best Valentine's Pairing: Peanut Butter and Chocolate?

I think David Lebovitz's Chocolate-Covered Salted Peanut Caramel Cups are the ultimate adult update of a Reese's. Here's the recipes:

Re: Cooking Inspiration: from the Heavens, or the Sunday Paper

I saw this article in the paper and wanted to make it, too! Must be the apples and fall weather.

Re: Egg sizes and substitutions

I thought double-yolked eggs were just an accident, not a result of size. How can they tell those Jumbo eggs will have 2 yolks (short of X-ray vision)?

Re: Cheesecake or Cheesepie?

I agree. Cheesecake is both cake and pie.

Re: Jack Daniel's Ice Cream With Jack Daniels Fudge Chunks

How did you make the fudge? I'd love the recipe!

Re: Perfect pulled pork, no matter the weather

I am going to have to try this. It's been a long time since I've made pulled pork, because I'm rarely home that long or think that far ahead.

Re: Red, White, and Blue Ice Cream Cake

The color of that blueberry ice cream is beautiful. What an effort!

Re: Jalapeno & Lime Ice Cream

I can't wrap my head around this one...guess I'd need to taste it to be sure!

Re: Orange-Ginger Oatmeal Cookie Crisp

This sounds delicious.

Re: Baking in the Heat of Summer

I agree. I get so tired of all the magazines with their no-cook meals. I don't stop cooking in summer. For any one with AC, the kitchen is no hotter than normal. And even without it, you still have to eat (and I don't like to grill all the time).

Re: Smokin' Brownies

First smoked pepper, now smoked salt...funny how we all seem to crave the same tastes as once. I think it does go back to bacon!

Re: Who said tomatoes were just for eating?

I never heard of this! Great tip. And always nice to hear real-life results, especially when they're positive.
Any other tips for burns, other than aloe?

Re: Go see Food, Inc.

Since seeing the trailer for this, I can't wait to see it. I was worried it would be too depressing, so I'm glad to hear you thought it was empowering.

Re: Lemony artichoke hummus

What is coquil? Your homemade rolls look great!

Re: Oasis Truffles

Where did the name come from? These are unusual truffles..almost like mini cheese balls, could have worked in the make-it-mini challenge.

Re: Cardamom Kissed Mini Banana-Pistachio Loaves

Cardamom is my new favorite. I like this combination you've put together. Will have to try it.

Re: Better than a postcard

I wish I could recreate the biscuits by Scott Peacock at Watershed. Light as air and so tasty.

Re: Bacon by any other name

I've had venison bacon, although it tasted more like jerky than bacon. Can you make bacon out of any animal?

Re: A stout gingerbread

I've done lots of savory cooking with beer (braises of chicken, beef) but beyond the traditional Guinness cake, never added it to any baking. I'd love some more recipes!

Re: Martian blood oranges

I love these Food Geek columns. So often, these are questions I've wondered about myself. Thanks!

Re: Wild Blueberry and Ricotta Pancakes

I made these too, and they are dessert-worthy, just like the magazine said. I can't resist syrup, but the texture and sweetness of them plain is right on.

Re: A Cookbook Sweep at IACP

Thanks for the link to the Quail Eggs recipe. That looks like a beautiful book. Congrats on the awards!

Re: Cappucino Eclairs

These look great. Stuffed with cream, just the way they should be.

Re: A monk helps elevate a decadent dessert

It's always a nice surprise to see the real-world price of a drink from a restaurant, and realize you can enjoy it much more cheaply at home!

Re: The other red meat

I've had bison at Ted's Montana Grill and thought it was delicious. I'll have to look for it in my grocery store. I'd love to do bison burgers on the grill.

Re: Cooking beans in salt water

I'm making chili this weekend, so this column will be very helpful. Thanks.

Re: Mini crustless quiches with apple, fennel, and gorgonzola

I like your idea of cooking without the crust. Save fat there so you coan add some bacon!

Re: For Butter or Worse

This is great! I never understood why mixing oil and butter should raise the smoke point, and now I see why: it doesn't! I'd love to see more like this, on the why behind cooking, instead of just recipes.

Re: Orange Cream Cheese-Sicle Sliders (Mini Ice Cream Sandwiches)

I thought these were whoopie pies! They look great.

Re: Cures (or causes?) the munchies

I never knew there was hemp milk, let alone ice cream made from it. Nice to know there's a nondairy ice cream that isn't made from soy.

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