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A transplant from, I’ve worked on since 2009. And while everyone thinks spending my afternoons in the Test Kitchen has to be the best part of the job, for me, it’s actually creating recipe slideshows (I’m addicted to them!) and developing audio slideshows with the most credible cooks and cookbook authors in the country. Our contributors are generous with their time and talents, and I never feel like I have to go to the gym after talking with them.

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Re: Behind the Kitchen Door: Bruce Aidells's Outdoor Kitchen

Hey FC (and Bruce) fans,
Indeed, post here to leave a comment about Bruce’s outdoor kitchen, but visit the giveaway post to enter to win the prize pack of grill tools: We’re trying to keep all the entries in one place. Thanks!

Re: The Food Lovers Christmas Wish List

Major bummer, everyone. I just went to Zingerman's site and their chocolate-covered clementines were so hot, they're sold out for the season. Hope somebody was paying attention last week!

Re: Live from the Test Kitchen: Fine Cooking's Virtual Cookie Exchange

It smells AWESOME in the Test Kitchen this morning (as usual).
Food lovers, post your cookie questions for the presenters here. I'll ask them on camera and pick comments at random for our prize giveaways.

Re: The Deal-Breaker Food

I know the FC ladies will look at me sideways for this one, but my deal-breaker food is goat cheese. I had one of those “never forget where you were” moments the first time goat cheese ever landed in my mouth (a total accident, by the way). It ruined a perfectly good hand-crafted, four-cheese pizza. A three-cheese pie would have been fine with me.

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