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Recent Reviews

Re:Classic Potato Gratin

8/29/13 This is a great recipe as far as ingredients, however, I don't get why the author is starting the recipe on top of the stove. There is really no reason to do this. I make Gratins fairly regularly and never do this. I layer all ingredients into a baking dish, in my case I like LeCreuset's enameled cast iron, I cover the dish wish foil and into a 350 oven for about 50 - 60 minutes, depending on how much you have in the pan, and once the potatoes or whatever are tender I then take the foil off, add another layer of cheese on top, turn the oven up to 415 and let the dish brown. Works beautifully. No need to start potato gratin on top of the stove. Just last night I made a Potato/Kohlrabi gratin in which I added a layer of caramelized onions. I used three cheeses being Gruyere, Gorgonzola & a little Cheddar. This dish was out of this world and only cooked in the oven.

Posted: 09:21 am on August 29th 2013

Re:Blueberry-Lime Pound Cake

8/13/13 Made this cake on 8/9/13 with fresh harvested blueberries. This cake is outstanding. Moist...moist...moist! Will make this again and again. As others noted the cake is not overly sweet. Of course, the glaze will add sweetness.I didn't have a 12 cup Bundt pan so I used a regular sized tube pan (not a 2 piece) and that worked fine.Also, I did not use my food processor for the sugar and lime zest. I just chopped the lime zest real fine and added it to the sugar. The recipe says if you don't use a food processor to add the zest to the flour, but again, I added it to the sugar.For the glaze, since the cake recipe calls for 6 oz. of cream cheese and I had an 8 oz bar of cream cheese leaving 2 oz left over, I added the 2 oz. of cream cheese to the powdered sugar and lime juice. The glaze was outstanding.I made the cake in the late afternoon on Friday, 8/9 and as soon as the cake was cool my fiance wanted a piece. He was definitely checking to see when the cake was completely cool. I was wondering how long it would take him Saturday morning to want a piece. The man wasn't even out of bed and he was asking for cake and coffee...obviously, the cake was a hit! I'll be making another one in a day or so.

Posted: 07:02 am on August 13th 2013

Re:Chocolate Soufflés with Blood Orange Sauce

5/23/13 This recipe was excellent. I've made many a souffle. Everything went exactly as the video explained. Shelley Wiseman was very clear and precise. Just wonderful taste. The one and only previous reviewer gave the recipe 3 stars and mentions that the use of low fat chocolate caused missing flavor. This recipe does not call for low fat anything. She also goes on to say that she did not mix the pastry cream and meringue properly. I can never understand people who review a recipe and give it a mediocre or negative review when they did not use the ingredients in the receipt and did not follow the technique. That you did not follow directions is not the fault of the recipe. Give yourself 1 star for sending in an unfair review.

Posted: 10:03 am on May 23rd 2013

Re:Beet Salad with Oregano, Pecans, and Goat Cheese

Lovely recipe. I'm always cooking beets and the only thing I would do different is that I would roast the beets. The flavor in the roasting of them is tremendous and I feel brings out the taste and sugars in the beets much more than steaming. Also, I do not remove the skin. After roasting the skin is so thin it is barely noticeable if noticeable at all. There is a video for this recipe which is very nice. Loved the way the video was done. Music was perfect.

Posted: 11:04 am on September 27th 2011

Re:Peach and Blueberry Galette

8/7/11 Made this recipe early this morning and turned out excellent. I made a few changes. First, I did not do the pastry in my mixer. I used my food processor. PASTRY: The pastry was made on 8/5/11. I don't buy large eggs, but purchase jumbo eggs so the yolk was a jumbo. I don't buy whole milk so organic 2% was used. I only beat 1 tbs. of the milk into the yolk and added that to the dry ingredient - butter mixture. I then added enough milk through the feed tube to bind the dough. It wasn't quite 3 tbs. Once the dough came together I shaped it into a disc, wrapped in plastic wrap and into the fridge where it remained for 2 days until I was ready for it. The pastry turned out wonderful. Nice and flakey.FILLING: 1 lb of peaches was not enough. Don't go by weight. Slice up a good 2 cups and use a good 2 cups of blueberries. I did use 1/4 cup light brown sugar. I grated about a 1/8 tsp. of fresh nutmeg in.I did not brush the dough with an egg. I slightly heated Polaner Apricot Preserves and brushed this onto the folded over dough of the galette.I baked the galette for a full 60 minutes. Once out of oven I sprinkled a small amount of turbinado sugar over the entire top of galette. I really mean a small amount. I let the galette sit for 15-20 minutes and then put it back into my still warm oven (off) where it stayed for about an hour until we were ready for it. I have a really good insulated oven and the galette was still nice and warm and the juices had set just right. In other words when I cut it I did not have juice running all over. It was just right. I served it with Haagen Daz vanilla ice cream.My fiance normally does not care for fruit pies or fruity deserts, however, he went into orbit while eating this. He is already anticipating another helping for later today. It was fabulous. I will definitely make it again and probably this week. As peaches and blueberries go out of season I'll substitute with apples and something else.Overall, the basic original recipe was made with some tweaking.

Posted: 02:07 pm on August 7th 2011

Re:Red Velvet Cake

I am an avid baker. I bake everything you can think of. What I wouldn't think of is putting food coloring in anything. I understand the cake is called a Red Velvet Cake, but it can be called the Brown Velvet Cake. Why would you add food coloring to all of the other fabulous ingredients? It makes no sense. The recipe sounds fabulous, just omit the chemical.

Posted: 04:56 pm on November 12th 2009