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Beef Red Curry

Beef Red Curry

A quick and easy Thai curry with your choice of meats, vegetables, and curry paste.

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Re: Video: Operation Eggs Benedict

Fun video. Some of you people commenting need to lighten up. Good cooking is art and can't always be taught with cold bare-bones instruction. If you don't have time for a little fun, just get some convenience foods from Costco or go out for dinner and forget trying to become a great cook.

Re: Behind the Kitchen Door: Abby Dodge's Baker's Kitchen

Thanks for sharing your kitchen with us. We recently finished a complete kitchen renovation ourselves and we love our new space so much. We were wanting lots of counter space as well, so we put in a seven by five foot piece of quartz which is now affectionately dubbed "The Slab". It is a wonderful work space and can seat 4-5 around when not being used for trying another of your recipes from our favorite magazine. Keep up the good work!

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