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Re: Behind the Kitchen Door: Zoë François's Kitchen is One Sweet Spot

Wow, oh to have a kitchen like Zoe's. To think I used to cook on a wood-fired stove in a teepee makes me laugh when I see this one. My husband always asks me why I need more than one cake stand. Well if you have to ask…..I tell him a woman can never have too many cake stands!

Re: Win Abby Dodge's Must-Have Baking Tools

The older I get the more I try and cut down on the amount of things I own. Every time someone comes to my house and says they like something, they usually get it gifted to them. Drives my husband crazy as he thinks he is going to come home someday and find the house gone!
However, the one exception I make to this habit is kitchen gear. I lust over kitchen gear--especially now that manufacturers have given in and are making tools in COLORS!!!! Hurrah---i can now purchase my favorite things in purple, red and orange---so, that said, I will give away kitchen tools as long as I've got already them in my favorite colors aforementioned. Every new gadget becomes a must and I wonder how I survived without them.
You can see why I'm already salivating over the giveaway prizes---ahh, to dream...sigh....
I making my wishes on every coin I throw into a fountain now.

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