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Re: beef

I just purchased a fourth of a grass fed steer, my first time buying bulk beef. Fine Cooking is the first place I go any time I need a recipe, so here I am looking for some recipes to use my less expensive cuts of beef such as chuck roasts, bottom round roast, london broil roasts, cube steak, and stew meat. Perhaps with the cost of beef expecting to continue soaring, a good idea for a future magazine edition would be to cover some recipes for these less expensive cuts of beef. Plus it would help me immensely :) Thanks for all your great recipes!

Re: lemons

I have a bunch of lemons that I don't want to waste - I know I can freeze the juice, is there a way to preserve the zest for later use?

Re: We're LIVE from the Epicurean Classic!

I'm disappointed I couldn't be home in time for Rose Levy Beranbaum's demonstration, but so glad to see that you will be rerunning them!

Re: We're LIVE from the Epicurean Classic!

This is great, thanks! But I agree with an above poster, the sound is hard to understand. My cakes are almost always dry so I appreciate this! Will there be a print version of the recipes and tips coming? Or would it be possible to make the videos available to watch at any time, I missed the first half!

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