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Re: The New Geometry of the Plate

I wish I knew what is meant by "roasting program". Please
explain. Thanks

Re: Classic Update: Eggplant Parmigiana

Could I please just get the update recipe? I loaned my magazine and it hasn't been returned yet! Good lesson there!
Thank you so much.

Re: We're LIVE from the Epicurean Classic!

Lovely to see and (almost) hear RLB! I had hoped to meet her this past June at her husband's 50th reunion at University of Toronto. Alas, once again Elliot wasn't in attendance.
such a delight to view all of the great cooks live. Will there be opportunities to see this series again? Thank you.

Re: Baked in its own bag

Inspirational! Good for you, nothing like being a pioneer
I'll be watching and ready to knead. Thanks.

Re: Gelatin Dangers

This was a very interesting question, and the answer (although supposedly a tad late) was thoughtful, scientific and to the point. Good job Food Geek! Thanks for all the useful info.


Re: My milkshake brings all the...bananas to the yard?

Yummy good stuff! Thanks for such a great recipe. Now, I would love it if there's ANYONE out there who has the very first Fine Cooking magazines through 2003 and would like to sell them reasonably to me. I began to subscribe in 2004 and wish I had the beginnings of a wonderful magazine. Thanks to you all for reading my request.

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