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Re: The Science of Pressure Cookers

I just wanted to correct or clarify a couple of things that were said here. Pressure cookers can cook food up to SEVENTY percent faster than conventional methods (not 30).

While its generally true there are two settings on pressure cookers, the lower pressure setting is generally used for more delicate vegetables like carrots, green beans, asparagus, etc. You soak beans at room temperature, not under pressure, and soaking them is entirely optional: you can cook beans that are dry. Beans are COOKED using high pressure.

If you release the pressure on your cooker to check the done-ness of the food, and its underdone, it takes next to no time to bring the pressure cooker back up to pressure. Your food is already boiling (212 degrees), you put the lid back on and lock it, and it should build up to pressure in a matter of minutes, if not sooner.

Starches don't gellatinize, the collagen in meat does.

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