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Re: Win Steven Raichlen's Favorite Grill Tools

O.k. I'll bite, where's some more details on the scraping off the charcoal? Which book? Geico steaks, I can't wait!!

Re: Behind the Kitchen Door: Steven Raichlen's Indoor & Outdoor Kitchens

Geico cooking!

Re: Win Abby Dodge's Must-Have Baking Tools

You are one experienced cookie![cake, a la easy bake].
Generous of you for this offer and thanks for sharing your experience. M

Re: How to Cook Fresh Corn

My favorite method of cooking is to put one ear in the microwave[1100watts] for 3 minutes. You'll need a rag to hold the corn while shucking as the steam will burn your hands. Quick and clean, shucks and silks easily.

Re: The Temperatures, They Are a-Changin'

I noticed your comments about being cold. A suggestion is to do some exercise,dressed warmly, and presto you aren't cold. A inexpensive way to do this is with a sturdy, steady stool as in stair climbing exercises. Or just jog in place or what. It works!! Mickey

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