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Re: cauliflower

We as a family love Cauliflower -Cauliflower Cheese, Cauliflower Crumbed, Cauliflower Lasagne, Cauliflower as just a vegetable with lots of butter and pepper.

At certain times of the year here in South Australia, Cauliflowers are extremely cheap to buy - around $2.00 (australian)a head - we make the most of it and buy in bulk - take a little time to 'strip' the heads - break into florets and blanch them in boiling salted water for 5 minutes, plunge them into ice cold water and drain well - pack into self seal freezer bags - enough Cauliflower until the next glut comes along - no need to pay excessive prices if you have a freezer. Certainly cheaper than purchasing Supermarket frozen Cauliflower or other vegetables come to than.

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