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Re: Behind the Kitchen Door: Gale Gand's Kitchen Has Space for All

Lovely kitchen. I think the cherry worksurface is lovely. And I can tell you that you'll get many, many more years' enjoyment from your All Clad pans -- I have some that 20+ years old!

Re: Win Melissa Clark's Must-Have Kitchenware

I enoyed the articles on individual cook's kitchens. The idea of designing a kitchen so that it's a kids-friendly place is great. On the other end of the life cycle, I was impressed when a friend designed her kitchen to be wheelchair friendly.

Re: Win Abby Dodge's Must-Have Baking Tools

I keep a cake pedestal on my counter in the kitchen. I use it to keep fresh fruit out and accessible -- which cuts down on eating other things. And every so often it even has a cake!

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