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Wilmington, DE, US

Recent Reviews

Re:Quinoa-Black Olive Cakes with Baby Greens and Roasted Red Pepper Sauce

I was not expecting to like this as much as I did! The kalmata olives gave the patties a wonderful flavor but my favorite part of this dish was the red pepper sauce. I accidentally put all of the olive oil for the recipe in with the red peppers but it still tasted wonderful. I also doubled down on the garlic to give it a nice sharp flavor. There was red pepper sauce left over after the meal so I made an egg white and cheddar cheese omelette the next morning and poured some of the sauce over that. Delicious!

Posted: 02:41 pm on December 10th 2014

Re:Pork Tenderloin with Pears and Cider

My husband rarely rates a recipe as 'restaurant quality' but this one passed the bar. I prepared this in a cast iron skillet and I think the way it maintains steady heat was a plus for this meal. I can't think of a single way to improve upon this meal. We served this with a simple spring mix salad with fig balsamic vinegar.

Posted: 07:09 pm on November 4th 2014

Re:Spicy Chicken with Black Bean, Cranberry, and Sweet Potato Salsa

My husband and I just over ate because this dinner was so good! The salsa in particular was simply perfect. I saved half a lime and we used that to squirt over the chicken which woke up a lot of those flavors as well. My suggestions for this meal would be to give yourself a little time to prep all of your ingredients (once you start cooking it goes fast) and to pre-butterfly your chicken unless you are very fast at it. My salsa finished a little before my chicken did, but I think it's because I was slow with the chicken prep.

Posted: 06:37 pm on October 30th 2014

Re:Maple-Rosemary Salmon Skewers

This dish turned out perfectly! I sometimes get nervous trying the unexpected flavor combinations in fine cooking recipes but they always turn out to be my favorite.In this recipe the maple and dijon flavors worked very well to balance each other out, and the overall sauce was delicious. It did not overpower the flavor of the salmon, but enhanced it nicely.I made this with the suggested pairing of sauted snap peas and red pepper. Then finished the meal with some nice multi grain bread.

Posted: 06:57 pm on October 29th 2014

Re:Spicy Italian Ham and Salami Sandwich

I made this recipe exactly as stated and it was mouth-wateringly perfect! What really makes this sandwich stand out is the fresh oregano sauce/oil that you spread on the bread. My husband loved the flavor of the sauce but said he would have put less on the sandwich, I however wouldn't change a thing. I think that making the oregano sauce exactly as written is important and I think using good bread is important (so that it can stand up to the flavors and wetness of the sauce). The meat and cheese in the sandwich were very good but I believe that the sandwich would be just as delicious even if you change things up a bit. Some of the deli meats were not at my deli counter and I had to buy pricey specialty packaged meat. I think next time I'll just get what's available at my deli counter.

Posted: 03:52 pm on June 9th 2014

Re:Wild Blueberry Soup with Mint

I believe that there was something wrong with either my prep of this meal or the ingredients I used, but this was the first dish I made from fine cooking that was inedible. The soup turned out to be excessively intense. I liked it when I sampled a 'finger lick' of the soup, but then trying to eat a bowl full was impossible. If I ever try to make this again I believe I would use less of the mint, and I would use fresh blueberries. This past time I used Trader Joe's frozen wild blueberries, but I have found that frozen berries can be highly variable and I wonder if this wasn't the problem. Even if they aren't 'wild blueberries' I think that sweet fresh berries may fix the problems I had with this soup.

Posted: 03:45 pm on June 9th 2014

Re:Penne with Spinach, Gorgonzola, and Walnuts

I love this dish, and while it may not be quite five stars when I compare it to some of the other stand out dishes I have found with fine cooking, this is one of the easiest ways to get fantastic flavor for dinner.I usually try to save money and buy crumbled blue cheese from the cheap cheese section of the grocery store. The kind that comes in a little plastic container that is meant for salads. It's a little more cheese than the recipe calls for but dump it all in and it's delicious. I also use more toasted walnuts than called for. If you aren't getting the flavor punch you want you might want to try these changes as well.I admit that this isn't a dieters favorite dish, but then it doesn't claim to be. There are icon's that fine cooking puts under its recipes and the little sun icon is what you are looking for if you want those healthier options, but there is no reason to bash a recipe just because of the calorie count. I find that this is a great belly warmer in the middle of winter and I have no trouble with eating a high calorie dinner once in a while.

Posted: 03:48 pm on March 29th 2014

Re:Grilled Chicken with Curried Couscous, Spinach, and Mango

I made this last night and it was a top 10 favorite for both my husband and myself. I used regular balsamic vinegar instead of white balsamic, and I did have a little trouble with my cous-cous. I guess the brand that I got needed a bit more cooking time, so I added a little more water and popped in into the microwave.The flavors of this dish blend so well together! I was not expecting to like the mango but I absolutely loved it! We had no problem with the amount of dressing this made, I used three times the amount of spinach called for and I was able to coat everything lightly in the vinaigrette.

Posted: 02:11 pm on March 28th 2014

Re:Tequila-Chipotle Shrimp Tostadas with Lime and Sour Cream

Just made this tonight and it was a hit with everyone. I decided to take a little of the intensity out of the sour cream mixture by using more sour cream (instead of 1/3 cup I used the entire small tub). Then if anyone wanted to re- intensify their dish they still had the squeezable lime on the side. My only other "complaint" would be that I wish it had been a little warmer when I served it. The corn tortillas cook, but then sit at room temp while you cook the shrimp making them cool by the time you eat. I think that I might just warm up my oven and keep the tortillas in there until it's eating time. Overall this was a meal that we all loved and will definitely make again.

Posted: 07:51 pm on January 15th 2014

Re:Glazed Carrots & Shallots with Thyme

This was a huge hit with all of my dinner guests (who often have wildly differing opinions on food). We used a couple extra carrots because the ones at our grocery store were on the smaller side. I thought that the flavors balanced really nicely and the glaze added just a touch of texture and flavor without being too saucy and overpowering. I will definitely make this again.

Posted: 10:28 am on January 3rd 2014